General Terms and Conditions for Online Bidding

Welcome to the live simulcast bidding platform of Strategic Auction Alliance. This technology is provided
as a convenience for our customers who wish to attend a live auction remotely in real time.

As each auction offers different assets for different sellers, each auction has unique terms of sale. Please
visit our website at www.StrategicAuctionAlliance.com to acquire the unique terms of sale relative to
the specific auction you wish to participate in. By participating at any Strategic Auction Alliance auction
event, all bidders agree to be bound by the specific TERMS AND CONDITIONS of that auction, including
THE AUCTION and OTHER CONDITIONS. Be sure to have read and understand the terms of sale specific
to the auction you elect to participate in.

Following are terms of sale specific to online bidding that may be in addition to the auction specific

  1. Auctioneer and the Seller are allowing the Buyer to participate in the auction through Internet
    pre-bidding and live webcast bidding. The Buyer acknowledges and understands that as with all
    electronic technologies may be subject to failure and may or may not function correctly the day
    of the auction. Under no circumstances shall the Buyer have any kind of claim against the Seller,
    the seller's agents, counsel or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly before or
    during the live auction.

  2. The Auctioneer or the Seller will not be responsible for any unrecognized bids from any means
    or source. It is recommended that Internet Buyers, who desire to increase the chance that their
    bid is acknowledged during a live event, should consider using the pre-bidding feature.

  3. The Auctioneer on behalf of the Seller reserves the right to reject any bid, set the bidding
    increment, postpone or cancel the auction, withdraw any asset from the auction, and change
    any terms of the auction or particular condition of sale prior to the auction.

  4. In case of any dispute, the Auctioneers' decision shall be final.

  5. Many auctions may include items "with reserve" and may utilize a buyer's premium that will be
    added to your bid. Be sure to refer to the specific terms of each auction to be aware what
    conditions apply.

  6. All announcements made on the day of the auction sale supersede all printed material. Be sure
    to log in early enough to be aware of the opening statements. Auctioneers or the Seller will not
    be held responsible for failure of the Buyer's acquisition of supplemental information due to
    tardy logins or technical failure.

  7. Online chat capability is available for buyer questions during the webcast.

  8. Technical support assistance during any webcast can be achieved by calling our service provider;
    (On line ringman's number here). Strategic Auction Alliance will not accept phone calls during
    an auction event.